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Beginner Band
  • Band for all students starts in the 6th Grade.

  • Placement on instruments are done in the spring.

  • Don't miss your chance to join our band family!


Does my child need to know how to play an instrument to be in band?

No.  We do not expect your child to have any musical knowledge; we teach from the very beginning, starting with how to open the instrument case.

What types of instruments are available?

Band instruments are: (1) Woodwinds – flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, and bassoon; (2) Brass – trumpet, trombone, french horn, euphonium, and tuba; (3) Percussion – snare drum and mallets.


How do I get an instrument?

Rent to own is the most cost effective method of getting an instrument.  Brook Mays Music is the store we use. They deliver all supplies directly to the school and they are here waiting for you the first day needed! You can rent instruments here.

Are there school-owned instruments available?

The school provides instruments such as tuba, euphonium, French horn, bassoon, and oboe.  These instruments are available for a $50 rental fee per year. Students playing these instruments will also need to purchase the supplies listed on the back of this sheet.

Is private instruction available?

Yes!  We strongly encourage private instruction, but it is not required.  The band directors provide private instructors on campus during select times.


**Buyer BEWARE!**

  • There are more instrument options today than ever before, but NOT BETTER options.  If you choose NOT to rent an instrument and elect to find one used for purchase, BEWARE.

  • Instrument prices that appear too good to be true are JUST THAT.

  • The instruments recommended by the band directors are the most playable and cost-effective quality instruments that give your child a chance at a successful and positive experience in band on their new instrument.

  • Instruments from Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon, or random brands advertised on eBay are VERY LOW QUALITY.

  • Please DO NOT PURCHASE an instrument from a source other than Brook Mays without first consulting the Band Directors. There are quality used options available and we will help you find them - we are here to help you help your child!

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